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Peter Hart

I thought I had lost all my data. All my folders were missing. I searched all over the place for files that were so important to me. I checked the Recycle Bin, and they weren't there. I called a friend of mine, and she directed me to Nimesh Bhakta, who had fixed her PC and repaired a keyboard on her laptop. I called him ready to hear there was nothing that could be done. Well to my surprise, Nimesh indicated he would try to recover the files, and if he couldn't there would be no charge for his services. I trusted my friend, and decided to give Nimesh a shot. The next day I get a call, and was told that over 640 files were recovered. As soon as I got my computer back, I couldn't believe my eyes all my files were back, and everything was there. He even made my computer much quicker. I will go to Nimesh for any computer related problems in the future.