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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you operate?

We provide total computer care services from our computer repair Wentzville Missouri company. We extend our corporate and residential computer repair and virus removal services in O Fallon MO, St. Charles and other nearby places.

Can you repair my computer on the same day?

It is always our goal to get the issues resolved promptly so that your machines are able to serve you as soon as possible. If the repair or maintenance work is not too complicated, we can surely get your computer in working condition on the same day.

My laptop needs virus removal; can I drop it at your center?

Yes, if that is feasible, you can drop your laptop at our PC virus removal Missouri center for faster service. Virus removal may take 1 to 3 hours of time.

I am in St. Charles, do you provide computer repair services at home and do you charge for the travel time?

We provide residential computer repair St. Charles services to get your machine back in working condition anywhere. You can call us to inform about the type of repair you need so that we come prepared. We do not charge for travel time.

My computer has virus, will my data be safe as you remove the virus?

Absolutely! Our computer virus removal service St. Charles takes a back up of your data before performing complex virus removing and repair work.

We are a growing business firm in O Fallon MO that needs new hardware installation, can you help?

No matter what size of business you have, we provide you our best corporate installation, maintenance and computer repair O Fallon Mo services. We can help you get new technologies installed and if you need special tools and technologies, we can assist you to integrate them into your system.

My PC is very slow, would adding more RAM make it faster.

Most probably yes. There could be many reasons for a slow working PC including insufficient memory. We can help you to upgrade your PC memory for faster operations and if it needs some other kind of repair and virus removal, we are the specialists.

What do I need to prepare for service call?

To make use of time on the service call time, we recommend that you should be ready with a list of issues you are facing with your computer or laptop. Keeping all the manuals and software CDs available would also speed up the process.

What would you need to carry out repair work on my system?

To perform repair on a desktop or stand alone computer, we will need the computer tower and if it is a laptop, we will need the power adapter along with the laptop. If other parts of your system like keyboard or monitor etc needs some repair, we will just need the parts without the computer tower.

I just need a key of my keyboard repaired, can you help?

Of course, we carry out any computer repair work even if it is as simple as repairing a single key on your keyboard or as complex as restructuring the hard drives. Just call us.