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Corporate Business Consulting Services


Excellent connectivity gives your business a competitive edge. With it you can meet the needs of everyone, efficiently run your organization and succeed in today's market. There are a variety of technologies available, from a customer relationship manager (CRM) software to high-end computing machines. To effectively handle all of these you need a dependable partner that can provide you a wide range of corporate consulting services. Whether you're running a small business or a larger organization, you can partner with Tech Choice Consulting LLC for a wide range of technological support.

Here's an overview of consulting services you can benefit from when you hire us:

ACT! by Sage Support

The best CRM software for small businesses and sales teams makes it easy for you to manage your contacts and calendar. Think of it as your command center that connects you to critical business operations, from looking up relationship details to accessing web-based productivity tools. Tech Choice Consulting can help you configure Sage ACT! and tailor it to your meet your specific needs. The software is already a good investment. Make the most out of it by getting help from people who can expertly handle it.

PC and Laptop Repair

Always keep your machine up and running. Computer repairs can be costly especially if you don't have a dedicated specialist that offers long-term support. Tech Choice Consulting offers fast and professional repair services so you can keep your business up and running in no time.

serverServer Builds

Your small business is growing or has plenty of room for growth. Once it has grown enough to need its first server, Tech Choice Consulting can help you build one. It's a big business decision. You need an expert who can guide you in choosing the best class of server that fits your business needs. A reliable server is designed to support many users so that they can easily collaborate, share information and access crucial data anywhere.

Wireless Installation and Maintenance

The speed of your wireless connectivity affects the daily operations of your business. When you operate at a higher speed, you are also increasing productivity and making sure that you can complete core business transactions on time. We can help you make your connections reliable and your data secure.

Hardware Installation and Maintenance

Make your hardware work as hard as you do. Tech Choice Consulting knows the fundamentals of hardware installation and maintenance. Let us deploy hardware technologies for your small and growing business. If you require any special tools, we can help integrate them into your system.destination rx