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Robert J. Mareing

I am writing in regard to our experiences with Nimesh Bhakta, who consulted with my Audiology consulting business on a number of occasions over some 2 years. His work with me was while employed at Sharp Approach. Nimesh’s work was in two areas; direct consulting with the ACT contact management software, and in setting up and verifying LAN configurations. We used two office computers and a laptop computer which was used during travel. These computers were configured such that the two office computers were on the LAN, and the laptop could easily be added to the LAN and synchronized bi-directionally when it returned to the office. Nimesh was also very helpful in trouble-shooting general computer, OS difficulties, which made his work even more helpful. Nimesh was at all times a knowledgeable, courteous and hard-working consultant. I am happy to recommend him, and wish him the best in his new endeavors.